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I bring a holistic view to counselling, based on a Social Work practice framework that draws on a variety of theories and approaches.

Some of the theories and approaches that guide my practice...

The Humanistic Approach emphasising the personal worth of all people and the pursuit of self-actualisation through optimism, the human capacity to overcome and the shared values and experiences of humanity.

The Trauma Informed Approach along with Attachment Theory that provide an understanding of the effects of trauma, the symptoms that may stem from it and the importance of safety, trust and a relational approach.

The Person-centered Approach places you as the expert in your own life. You are central to the process, respected and in control at all times. 

Gestalt Principles including phenomenology (present moment), dialogue, field theory and experimentation.

The Narrative Approach that sees the problem as the problem, not people as the problem, and places emphasis on the stories of people's lives and the meaning they draw from them.

The Power Threat Meaning Framework which offers an alternative to the medical model of psychiatric diagnosis and understands difficulties as often having social causes.

Critical Theories which critique the social systems we are living in and determine that many difficulties are caused by power imbalances that can be addressed through awareness, collective action and empowerment.

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